Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Thrifty Finds Special Edition

Today was a very special day today in my "neck of the woods"!  I bet you are wondering why and I'm going to tell you. 

On my way to take my oldest to school this morning I noticed that is was...drum roll please....Trash haul off day!!!!  And yes I did!  And yes, I was one of those who participated in raiding my neighbors trash.  I like to think of it as going easy on my pocket book by looking for thrifty finds somewhere other than my local thrift store. { Insert big cheesy smile here }.

Well, actually I kinda tried to pull it off without everybody staring at me and I am ashamed to say I was "a lil' embarrased" {hangs head}.  So I pulled up to said curb hit the button to raise the trunk of my van, got out ran over and attempted to throw the goods in the back, Unnoticed.  Then ran back and about the time I started to get back in the van to hit the button to close the trunk so that I could blow that popsicle stand...I heard it fall out of the back of the van and onto the road!  So much for incognito!!! 

You would think that would be enough embarrassment for one day but a couple houses down I spotted this awesome mirror that I had to have.  However, the house that it was sitting in front of was getting a new roof and there were people all over it.  I did not pass it up or try to grab it and run.  I was very proud of myself I simply got out and put it in the van. 

So here is the loot:

      Love this mirror! Will propably end up above my fireplace mantel.

Some new pulls a little paint.  It has potential!

I ended up with it sitting beside me in the passenger seat and is now safe in my garage waiting for its chance at a new life:)

I will be linking this to the parties in my sidebar.


  1. Great find! I would have stopped and picked that mirror too!

  2. Just awarded you the One Lovely Blog Award! Head on over and check it out!


  3. Hi Johnna,
    Those were great finds. The mirror is beautiful! Happy Thrifty Thursday.