Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Cedar Chest Makeover

Once upon a time...
 I found this little beauty in a thrift store for $15 dollars.

What?!  Not such a beauty you say!  

Well, that's because she just needs a little makeover!

To become this...

And here is an up close picture of the fabric that I used to upholster the top of the cedar chest.  It was left over from my daughters crib bedding so it is extra special to me.  This chest is for my daughters room.

 And she lived happily ever after!  Well, almost but lets take a look at the makeover process!
Here is how I got the look:
  • I skipped sanding this time and went straight to priming I used Kilz oil based spray paint to prime but for some reason half way through the bottle it started coming out in blobs and made the chest look texturized.  But luckily it was easily fixable, it sanded right off and left enough primer on for the paint to stick:) Whew!

  • I gave it two coats of Valspar's Windsor Way (looks like it should be named Cinderella Blue to me but... hmm what a fun job that would be naming paint colors!)  I did water it down a little bit.  This helps the paint to dry smoothly instead of having all those yucky bristle marks made from the paint brush.
  • I gave it a good wax on/ wax off of antiquing glaze making sure to focus on the details in the wood.
  • finished it off with 2 thin coats of poly.  OOPS!  I forgot to lightly sand around the details!  I just grabbed my little sanding pad and sanded anyway, then just very lightly reapplied the poly over these areas. No harm done!!


  1. Really nice job -- I love the color AND the fabric!

  2. I can't believe you found that for $15, what a deal! It turned out really nice and the story behind your material for the top was sweet.

  3. Beautiful! I can't believe you found that for $15! If we were in the same store I would have fought you for it!

  4. Great 15 dollar find! Love the way this turned out!

  5. you have done a great job on this chest, looks very pretty, just like chests of old days when the were used to keep clothes and other important things, very good for storage too

    AboutCabinets Blog

  6. Love the color! It will brighten up any space it is in.